BikeComputer Pro v5.7.5 Apk

BikeComputer Pro Apk

BikeComputer Pro v5.7.5 Apk is an amazing game for Android users. Do jogging or any GPS based movement using an offline or online OpenStreetMap.


  • Follow your position on the map and experience your driving values like speed, distance, driving speed, elevation gain etc.
  • You can also create a route, BikeComputer calculates distances and elevations for you before you start your trip.
  • Languages supported are English, German, Russian or Italian.
  • You can arrange the driving values as you want using drag and drop.
  • The Android built in browser saves the map files as. txt files, rename them to .map files and they will work or use another browser or simply download them on your PC and move them to SD card.
  • Makes use of Barometric sensor to achieve exact elevation change data.
  • Different background skins for driving values and customizable track colors.
  • Modify the font size of the offline map as you want
  • Continue any session, also after reboot and battery change

What’s New in v5.7.5 Apk

  • Audio feedback. You can edit the driven distance announce interval
  • Map download reissued for download information

BikeComputer Pro v5.7.5 Apk

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