'Babaji ka Thullu' - Meaning

meaning of “baba ji ka thullu”?

actually it has the same meaning as “Babaji ka Ghanta” that is it means “Nothing” or in Hindi “Kuch Nahi”.They didnt used the “Babaji ka Ghanta” as “Ghanta” is descried as a bad word so they replaced it with “Thullu” which is fine in listening. In national TV program he cannot utter it on , so he uses this phrase “Thullu” .

Its a Television Program in Indian “Colors TV” & national TV . The Program name is “Comedy nights with Kapil “. Baba Ji Ka Thullu Song Sung by Kapil Sharma of Comedy Nights With Kapil !

Its just another expression to denote impossibility or hopelessness. A joke on Babaji Ka Thullu:
Girl – what is babaji ka thullu?
Boy – what did i promise to gift you on ur bday?
Girl – A diamond ring
Boy – and what did u get?
Girl – nothing!
Boy – Thats called BABAJI KA THULLU!

Why its famous in Internet ?

Kapil Sharma used this expression to tell ‘Babaji ka Thullu’ when he want to say “nothing”. And that word “Thullu” (its is a bad slang word) says more meanings in other Indian languages like Kannada.

This expression is used by TV Anchors in some TV shows and it used by stars like Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan in Biggboss and Cricketers.

I Think this Image gives you the answer..

I Think this Image gives you the answer…